fresh n’ healthy catering menu

our food is made fresh daily, using the highest quality ingredients and certified organic where available. our meats are all natural, hormone and antibiotic free. we only use 100% non-gmo canola oil & extra virgin olive oil.

signature meals

priced per person | buffet style | parties of 10+

½ breakfast burrito or ½ breakfast panini. served with a side of potatoes, kettle chips, or fresh fruit.


assorted baked goods. jam. cream cheese. fresh fruit. orange juice.


½ sandwich, panini, or wrap. with choice of salad or parmesan kettle chips. & cookie.


roasted rosemary chicken. choice of pasta and fresh tossed salad.


grilled or breaded chicken breast. housemade marinara. mozzarella. parmesan. spaghetti marinara. side of garlic bread. choice of salad.


roasted rosemary chicken. choice of salad. garlic mashed red potatoes.


small bites

half pan 8 | full pan 12

seasoned & breaded chicken breast bites.

$33.75 | $50.54

hummus. crispy lavash chips. cherry tomatoes. carrots. celery. broccoli florets. ranch dressing.

$25.02 | $37.53

tomatoes. basil. mozzarella. olive oil. balsamic glaze.

10pc $16.48 | 14pc $25.98

marinara sauce. mozzarella. parmesan. basil. italian breadcrumbs.

10pc $24.95 | 14pc $34.86
$1.50 per person
$13.48 | $21.98
$31.60 | $47.40
$31.60 | $47.40


small 10-14 | large 25-30

beets. goat cheese. candied walnuts. organic mixed greens. balsamic vinaigrette.

$43.02 | $86.04

chicken breast. organic mixed greens. carrots. tomatoes. balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

$39.48 | $78.98

tuna salad. citrus mayo. almonds. raisins. organic mixed greens. lime vinaigrette dressing.

$43.02 | $86.04

honey roasted peanuts. granny smith apples. cilantro. havarti cheese. organic mixed greens. lime vinaigrette. peanut ginger dressing.

$43.02 | $86.04

romaine hearts. croutons. parmesan cheese. caesar dressing.

$28.98 | $46.98

romaine lettuce. red cabbage. carrots. tomatoes. mozzarella cheese. turkey bacon. chicken breast. balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

$45.48 | $87.98

romaine lettuce. chicken breast. almonds. cilantro. mandarin oranges. carrots. wonton strips. peanut ginger dressing.

$39.48 | $78.98
bbq chicken

bbq chicken. organic mixed greens. tomatoes. black beans. cucumbers. corn. cheddar cheese. honey bbq ranch.

$39.48 | $78.98


coke. diet coke. sprite.


cranberry. orange. apple.


paninis, sandwiches, & wraps

small 6-8 10pc | large 10-12 14pc


$58.27 | $81.58

grilled chicken breast. provolone cheese. sun dried tomatoes. basil garlic sauce.

grilled tenderloin beef. sauteed onions. mushrooms. tomatoes. garlic aioli. provolone cheese.

goat cheese. grilled eggplant. sun dried tomatoes. basil. basic garlic sauce.

buffalo mozzarella. tomatoes. balsamic vinaigrette. basil garlic sauce.

grilled chicken breast. sun dried tomatoes. mozzarella. tomatoes. oregano. pesto sauce.


$58.27 | $81.58

smoked turkey breast. ham. swiss cheese. arugula. applewood smoked bacon. tomatoes. citrus aioli.

applewood smoked bacon. lettuce. tomato. havarti cheese. basil garlic sauce.


$49.27 | $68.98

smoked turkey. swiss cheese. fresh basil. romaine lettuce. tomatoes. whole wheat lavash. basil garlic sauce.

avocado. tomatoes. swiss cheese. lettuce. whole wheat lavash. basil garlic sauce.

citrus tuna salad. almonds. raisins. cream cheese. cusabi cabbage. green onion. black asian rice. crunchy wontons. red onion. sesame dressing.

bbq chicken breast. mixed greens. tomatoes. black beans. cucumbers. corn. cheddar cheese. honey ranch dressing. wrapped in a whole wheat lavash.


half pan 8 | full pan 12

oven roasted rosemary chicken. fresh herbs and spices. cut into quarters.

$72.80 | $109.20

wild sockeye salmon. ginger glaze. broccoli. carrots.

$96.45 | $144.60

pizza 18in.

build your own $18.95 | toppings $1.50ea

create your own thin crust pizza. eggplant. mushroom. pepperoni. ham. turkey. bacon. sun dried tomatoes. pineapples. onions. carrots. broccoli. goat cheese. mozzarella. green peppers. sausage.

$18.95 | Toppings $1.50ea

sun dried tomatoes. goat cheese. eggplant. basil. mozzarella.


mushrooms. green peppers. basil. tomatoes. mozzarella.


bbq chicken breast. onions. cilantro.


basil pesto sauce. grilled chicken. mozzarella. sun dried tomatoes. basil. toasted pine nuts.



half pan 15 | full pan 30 whole wheat & gluten free available | add chicken $10 / $20

penne. parmesan cream sauce.

$64.53 | $129.06

broccoli. carrots. fresh basil. olive oil. garlic.

$59.13 | $118.26

elbow pasta. cheddar cheese. applewood smoked bacon. sauteed mushrooms. chicken breast.

$69.93 | $139.86

spaghetti. turkey bolognese. fresh basil, and shaved parmesan

$64.53 | $129.06

penne. pesto cream sauce. chicken breast. sun dried tomatoes. basil. parmesan.

$59.13 | $118.26


$1.95 per person

chocolate chip. peanut butter. oatmeal raisin. lemon white chocolate chunk.

vanilla. chocolate.

vanilla. chocolate.